Cisco Meraki Cameras.

Smart cameras from Cisco Meraki promise innovative solutions for your video surveillance. Integrate your security cameras into your network and experience a wide range of new insights into your enterprise.


Centralized Cloud management

The Meraki dashboard allows you to centralise management of your cameras from anywhere in the world. This also includes zero-touch configuration, which covers settings such as zoom and focus besides network set-up. Access your images live from anywhere in the world – without the need for additional software or plug-ins. Make sure that your cameras are always provided with the latest security updates. Everything from a single source and controlled by you.

The all-round package from single source

Cisco Meraki cameras give you all the tools for your video surveillance from a single source. High-resolution cameras, fast and reliable storage technology coupled with modern Cloud management and extensive analytics tools – those are the hallmarks of Cisco Meraki. Complete encryption of all data ensures compliance with the strictest security standards. This not only simplifies your workflow but also provides additional security for your data

Adapt to your needs

A hybrid system consisting of local storage and Cloud backup ensures all-round security. Recording is not interrupted even in the event of a network failure. You can access your video stream from anywhere in the world, but bandwidth is only used when you really need it. All data is automatically encrypted with strong security algorithms – regardless of whether it is stored locally or sent to the Cloud.

Centralized. Secure. Simple.

Benefit from the advantages of the Cloud without compromising on security and reliability. Although Cisco Meraki enables management of your security cameras in the Cloud, the footage is stored locally on the cameras. This has the advantage that you are unaffected by network failures, and your network is only called upon to perform when you actually need the footage.

Cisco Meraki Cameras

Keep an eye on everything.

Indoor Kameras

Cisco Meraki cameras provide high-resolution video surveillance coupled with smart Cloud software. Integrate your cameras into your system and exploit the synergies.

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Outdoor Kameras

The cameras certified for outdoor deployment are not only protected against the elements but also feature heating elements to help them withstand the most adverse of conditions.

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