The distribution point units (DPUs) from DZS-KEYMILE are the perfect solution for FTTB (Fibre To The Building) networks. The last few meters to the subscriber are usually the most expensive in the upgrade of optical networks. allows you to use existing copper cables for broadband upgrades, thereby cutting costs.



Cascading gives you top levels of flexibility regarding the number of subscribers, which can also be easily adapted at a later stage. VDSL2 support also ensures total flexibility when changing equipment. In addition, you can offer your customers a combination of cable television and IPTV with MileGate 2042 and 2012.

Use of existing structures

Replacing existing copper cables in multi-dwelling units is usually associated with significant costs and restrictions for users. MileGate allows you to save resources and avoid inconvenience by continuing to use your existing infrastructure.

Cost savings

Thanks to technology, it is possible to deliver up to 2 Gbps (aggregated rate upstream/downstream) per subscriber via copper-wire pairs. MileGate therefore enables you to continue using your existing copper cable infrastructure in multi-dwelling units, with no need for expensive conversion work.

Benefit from the advantages of from DZS-KEYMILE

Wall mounting

MileGate 2012 and 2042 are designed for wall-mounting in the basement of multi-dwelling units. They require no pre-assembled cabling and can be installed without an additional housing. Passive cooling make them absolutely noiseless; the housing cover is lockable and a sensor alerts in the event of an unauthorised access attempt.

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The MileGate 2112 is designed for deployment in utility rooms (FTTB) or street cabinets (FTTC). Thanks to its size and extended temperature range, it is also suitable for outdoor deployment in street cabinets.

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As a business partner of industry leading companies like Juniper, Cisco, IBM and Lenovo, we advise you on the right server, storage and network solutions for your requirements, your IT environment and your budget. Our engineers find out the required processor performance, provide you with the appropriate hardware including licenses and prepare the hardware for the migration. For the implementation and software we put our reliable partners at your side.

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