Your project is in good hands. From planning to implementation. FTTH Consulting from HCD Consulting GmbH

We can deliver the right idea and a successful concept for each phase of your project. You will profit from our strong network of partners, who have already have years of experience in Fibre-to-the-Home. Our FTTH Consulting Team are not just expert advisers, but have also already successfully implemented FTTH projects themselves, from start to finish.  Call us now for a non-binding initial consultation.

HCD Consulting FTTH portfolio

HCD Consulting GmbH can take on various roles in your FTTH project. Our solutions provide the project management and the consulting work, delivering intelligent and cost-efficient hardware solutions. We also offer you access to strong partners from our FTTH network.

The basics

If you are at the beginning of your FTTH project, then we are exactly the right people to help you get started. Together with you, we will work out the necessary framework conditions, which form the basis for a successful project.

  • Definition of framework conditions: targets, timing plan and budgeting constraints
  • Requirements analysis and advice on the balance between outsourcing and in-house production
  • Creating a network and operation concept
  • Selection of the right planning software

Passive network

The responsibility for planning and creating the passive network is yours. We will help you ensure it is a success. We have already had good experiences and bad experiences. You can benefit from our good experiences and avoid the bad ones.

  • Selection of the right service providers: fibre optic planning, construction companies, cable pullers and splicers
  • Generation of POP concepts
  • Creation and evaluation of requirements (fibres per dwelling, passive sub-distribution etc.)

Active network

Do you want to actively operate the network yourself, or should this be outsourced to an external service provider? Which alternative makes more sense depends on your framework conditions and the available resources. Our Consulting department will work out a sensible “best practice” concept with you, adapted to your individual circumstances.

  • Advice on hardware and cost-effective sourcing
  • Training and creating configuration templates
  • Creation of an initial configuration and initial commissioning on site.


If you have acquired a new FTTH customer, they will need to be equipped with the right hardware so they can actually use your services. Which hardware is used by the customer? How is the provisioning and customer administration managed? Which services can you and do you want to offer your customers (installation, fault clearance, service hotline)?

  • Definition of services
  • Creation of implementation concepts
  • Advice on hardware and cost-effective sourcing


Once your network has been built, now you “only” need to operate it. Smooth operation depends on numerous factors. If you work with us right from the start, we will plan everything carefully to ensure trouble-free operation. If you are operating an existing network, we will help you optimise and extend it!

  • Operational support at a predefined level
  • Remote configuration of your equipment by qualified technicians
  • Staff training
  • Finding suitable partners for operating the network

Service provision

To provide your customers with successful services, you need the right sub-suppliers. Add-on services (e.g. TV streaming) can complement your product range and add value.

  • Selection of appropriate white label sub-suppliers for internet, telephone and IPTV
  • Support and consultation regarding integration of accounting tools and interfaces
  • Support for leased line purchasing for “collection” from the sub-supplier
  • Marketing concepts and target group analysis
  • Support with the product definition

Questions? Just ask!

I am Alexander Zagler from the HCD sales team. I will be happy to advise you or assist you with any questions. You can phone me on +49 89 215 36 92-0 or reach me using our contact form.

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