F***ing change a running system.

HCD Consulting GmbH is your partner for IT network solutions. Our success is based on a carefully-selected portfolio of manufacturers and top-performing customers – to whom we provide the necessary expertise and all the resources required to successfully tap into new lines of business.


No ifs, no buts! As an expert IT service provider, we are manufacturer-neutral. This means we cooperate with different manufacturers to offer you an optimum product portfolio. Our task is to find the right product for every requirement. Long-term partnerships with strong brands guarantee the success and efficiency of our projects.

When the waiter picks his nose…

then even the best food won’t taste good. What we are trying to say here: that the product is also only as good as the people selling it to you. As a business partner, we advise you on the right solution for your requirements, your IT environment and your budget. Then our technicians come up with the required performance, source the appropriate hardware for you, including licenses, and prepare the hardware for the migration.


Benefit from 10 years of market experience and our staff’s expertise. As experienced IT consultants, we accompany our customers’ projects right from the start, delivering expert solutions for individual requirements.


We offer maximum service at transparent prices. We run our projects efficiently, guaranteeing fast reaction times and short delivery times. With HCD as your partner, you will increase the flexibility of your projects or resolve short-term bottlenecks.


For guaranteed success and complete satisfaction, our services fulfil exclusive quality expectations. In line with these expectations, we deliver intelligent solutions and professional service at the highest level.


Whether you are a company, public body or internet service provider – HCD is the strong partner at your side. We offer a unique product portfolio of leading-brand manufacturers for different market requirements.

Carriers and
service providers

Thanks to LTE and glass fibre technology, our lives are becoming increasingly digitalised. Network operators are confronted with growing volumes of data and increasing customer demands. At the same time, it is vital to face up to the challenges presented by the economic changes associated with Industry 4.0. Those who wish to be well prepared for the future need a strong partner at their side.

Business and

In the online world, new sales possibilities and marketing channels can be accessed every day. Whoever wants to stay ahead of the competition must not only offer their customers a unique online shopping experience, but must also make purchasing all end products as secure and as easy as possible. Strong competitors rely on IT infrastructure with high availability.


In times of demographic change, the healthcare sector is confronting the challenge of ensuring optimum healthcare provision for society. Therefore healthcare service providers depend on IT infrastructure which fulfils the highest standards. After all, it must be possible to call up patient data at any time and to protect it from misuse.

Science and education

Universities and research centres educate the young scientists of tomorrow. For top-level education and research, today it is essential that students and young scientists have access to efficient IT infrastructure. In schools too, digital media will increasingly replace the traditional “teacher at the front” format.

Transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector is a fiercely contested international market. A stable infrastructure ensures the supply of everyday necessities for the population and the commercial success of a nation. An intelligent network structure enables processes to be optimised and costs saved. This helps service providers to remain competitive in the future as well.

Occasions and events

Public occasions and large events attract increasing numbers of people. But large visitor numbers also involve progressively demanding technical and security requirements. Good IT and communications infrastructure provides operators with the tools they need to offer their guests a safe and memorable event.

Financial service providers

Thanks to the digital transformation, financial service providers can refine the service quality of their online products even further to match their customers’ needs. A prerequisite for high levels of satisfaction are global availability and secure access to all online products. So banks and insurance companies need powerful IT solutions which they can rely on.

Public administration

Public administration bodies organise social systems. One of their tasks is to ensure that citizens are digitally connected. But cities and communities themselves are also noticeably dependent on good digital infrastructure, as it is essential to ensure a high degree of data security, especially when managing highly-sensitive personal and financial information.