Everyone’s talking about broadband rollout. Because fast internet access is a prerequisite for and the backbone of digitalisation. To give our customers the best possible advice about getting a FTTH connection, we have found ourselves a partner with superlative knowledge about extending networks: the broadband experts KEYMILE. Here are the four most important reasons for our choice of partner:

1. The broadband experts KEYMILE make ultra-fast internet possible

When it comes to extending networks, fibre optics are the key to the future. Because fibre optic-based network connections work faster than all previously-known broadband technologies. Fibre optics are significantly more powerful and less affected by interference than copper cables (which pay a transmission rate penalty for every metre laid). So for superfast internet access with maximum data transmission rates, fibre optic technology is the best option. KEYMILE specialise in constructing the critical „last mile“ – that is the last portion of the network leading to the subscriber’s connection. This is the key area, which makes the difference between broadband and ultra-high-speed broadband. This is what enables turbo-speed internet in the first place.

2. Solutions for all FTTx network architectures

One thing is clear: extending the network is a highly complex matter. Because every connection has different challenges. A block of flats requires a different network architecture to network access for a single family dwelling; areas with low subscriber numbers face different technical challenges than in a densely-populated city. To implement the appropriate network access solution at the right price, KEYMILE develops solutions for every FTTx network architecture – no matter whether it works using fibre optics or copper cable. The broadband experts unite different services and connection technologies flexibly in a single system.

3. Quality tailored to the customer

KEYMILE develops and builds communications solutions for high-performance requirements, tailored to the specific customer. These include energy companies and internet providers, municipal utility companies, communities and municipalities. KEYMILE has a correspondingly broad product range.

4. Products that incorporate environmental protection and conserve resources

KEYMILE is also our partner of choice when it comes to environmental protection and conserving resources. The company places great value on manufacturing all products and packaging in a way that conserves resources – and ensuring they can be reused or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. KEYMILE has developed its own environmental management system which prioritises resource conservation and environmental protection. Of course, we at Green IT Solution consider so much green responsibility from a manufacturer to be a good sign for the future.

Our prediction: with this partner we will be able to successfully implement numerous FTTH projects in the future. KEYMILE, we look forward to working with you!