Cisco Meraki Cloud Management

What is so special about Cisco Meraki is the comprehensive linking of all network components via the Cloud. All network devices can be set up and controlled via the Meraki dashboard. And that is not all – Cisco Meraki products also offer wide-ranging analytics tools.


Centralised management

The Meraki dashboard connects all of your Cisco Meraki devices and allows you to manage your network centrally. In the event of disruptions, you will receive immediate information by means of push notifications. Thanks to zero-touch provisioning, new hardware can be integrated without the need for specialists on site. The Meraki dashboard can be used in your browser or as a smartphone app.

In-depth insights

Use the opportunities offered by the Cloud and access the network monitoring and user analysis tools integrated in the Meraki dashboard. Find where the hotspots are in your wireless networks, how long customers stay in your shop or what network bottlenecks are hampering your success. Everything from a single source – managed centrally by you.

Always up to date

Cisco Meraki’s concept includes regular provisioning with updates and new features at no extra cost. The wide range of webinars for customers will quickly introduce you to the world of Cloud-managed networking and new features. What is more, expanding the network or adapting individual parts of the network to new technical standards is child’s play.

The Meraki dashboard is the network’s nerve centre, where all the elements in the network are controlled. The Cloud is at the heart of the solution: here settings are stored for the network and distributed to its individual limbs. At the same time, all network information is gathered via the Cloud and can be viewed centrally on the dashboard. However, no company data is filed in the Cloud and your network continues to work normally in the event of Cloud failures.

The Meraki Cloud computer centres are located in Europe and guarantee 99.99% uptime in the service level agreement. Daily penetration tests and regular safety audits by external providers ensure the highest possible level of security.

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