Cisco Meraki Switching.

Cloud-based network switches from Cisco Meraki make child’s play of setting up your enterprise network. Retain full control thanks to the Meraki dashboard and manage your network centrally – regardless of whether at one site or worldwide.


Cloud-based management

The Meraki dashboard allows you to centralise the set-up and management of your switches from anywhere in the world. Zero-touch configuration allows you to configure switches prior to installation. And when they are up and running, Cisco Meraki also offers a whole range of benefits that improve your network’s performance and make it secure. Utilise the absolute transparency provided by the dashboard’s analytics tools.

Flexible and scalable

Cisco Meraki offers the right solution for every size of company and adapts to your expansion plans. Cloud-based management makes a complicated infrastructure superfluous; expand your network according to your own wishes within a matter of minutes. All Cisco Meraki switches support virtual stacking, which makes expanding your network even simpler.

High-performance hardware

Cisco Meraki switches provide top quality without making any compromises. But if something should go wrong, there is a lifelong guarantee on the hardware – at no extra cost. Furthermore, the switches provide integrated troubleshooting tools such as cable testing and hardware monitoring. Thanks to Power-over-Ethernet, you can supply endpoints with power via the network.

Cisco Meraki Switches.

Smart solution for your network.

Stackable Access Switches

Stackable access switches can also be physically stacked, thereby delivering benefits in terms of speed and redundancy.

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Access Switches

Cisco Meraki access switches feature accustomed quality and complete convenience thanks to the Meraki dashboard.

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Aggregation Switches

Benefit from the advantages of Cisco Meraki’s link aggregation switches – which of course are also integrated into the Meraki dashboard.

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What makes us special

Hardware and Service for your infrastructure

As a business partner of industry leading companies like Juniper, Cisco, IBM and Lenovo, we advise you on the right server, storage and network solutions for your requirements, your IT environment and your budget. Our engineers find out the required processor performance, provide you with the appropriate hardware including licenses and prepare the hardware for the migration. For the implementation and software we put our reliable partners at your side.

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