Cisco Meraki Wireless.

Cisco Meraki products will help you to set up a high-performance wireless network for your staff and customers – and it is simple and secure. The Meraki dashboard will give you the required transparency.

The major features of Cisco Meraki include Cloud-based management, seamless integration of the wireless network into your existing enterprise network and unlimited scalability.


Full control thanks to centralised management

Manage all aspects of your wireless network from one central application, which is also available as an app for your smartphone. The Meraki dashboard not only gives you information about the status of your Wi-Fi network but also about your users, data consumption and critical applications. Block devices and websites that threaten your security and limit the bandwidth of specific user groups.

High-performance hardware

The wireless products from Cisco Meraki give you the latest standards such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), which promise the fastest data rates and network stability even when the level of utilisation is high. But the Wi-Fi 5 products are also every bit as good in terms of such performance. Multi-user MIMO and OFDM (only supported with Wi-Fi 6) ensure more evenly spread utilisation of your bandwidth. In addition, most Cisco Meraki access points have a frequency band that protects the network against security threats and selects the best transmission frequencies for your users.

Future-proof thanks to scalability

The wireless solutions from Cisco Meraki are future-proof. Regardless of whether your network is expanding or whether new technologies become available. Hardware controllers have been eliminated, which means that your network is easy to scale, and new Wi-Fi standards can be implemented step by step. New features are provided by Cisco Meraki as web updates and are already part of the overall package. Centralised management means that your network components will always have the same release version.

The wireless products from Cisco Meraki

Find the right solution for your business.

Indoor Access Points

Cisco Meraki provides the right solution for your requirements, regardless of the size of your network. You will be convinced by the simple scalability as well as the comprehensive and simple management in the Cloud provided by the Meraki dashboard.

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Outdoor Access Points

Wireless networks are also gaining in relevance outside of the office environment. The IP67-certified access points from Cisco Meraki are well-equipped to take on these tasks without compromising simplicity in management as they do not require a separate controller.

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