DZS is one of the market leaders for FTTx network architectures. DZS MileGate products are being used in Ingolstadt to implement an FTTH network for the whole city.

The rollout of a fibre-optic network is increasingly influencing the competitiveness of entire regions. To stay a step ahead of digitalization, in 2009 the proprietors of the Ingolstadt communications company COM-IN decided to expand the city network into a pure FTTH network. Here it is not only commercial customers such as Audi AG who benefit, but also private households in the city. COM-IN is aiming to connect all households to the fibre-optic network by 2021. Currently around two thirds of the connections have already been implemented: more than 11 000 customers can already surf the internet at fibre-optic speeds.

DZS as a partner for network expansion

To realize the fibre-optic network expansion, COM-IN selected DZS as the partner for technical implementation. The portfolio of the Hanover-based manufacturer provides ideal solutions for broadband expansion with FTTx network architectures. Alongside its product portfolio, other factors in favour of using DZS were its competitive prices and fast, German language support. The experiences COM-IN has had with DZS over the last decade have also been very positive, since the equipment has proven to be reliable and low maintenance.

DZA Keymile POP

To realize the network expansion, COM-IN divided the city of Ingolstadt into 38 clusters with comparable population densities. These clusters were connected to the fibre-optic network step-by-step, giving every customer download speeds of 500 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 50 Mbit/s. In addition to internet access, the fibre-optic network also provides telephone and television connections. To achieve this smoothly without interrupting operations, COM-IN chose the IP-MSAN MileGate from DZS.

The fibre-optic network in Ingolstadt is realized as a P2P network

The fibre-optic network itself is implemented as a P2P (Point to Point) network structure, with an active fibre-optic network. This means that every participant receives their own fibre-optic cable. These fibre-optics terminate at an optical concentrator/access node. Here COM-IN is using the IP-MSAN MileGate 2510 which, combined with Optical-MSAN Line-Cards SUE16, can support up to 480 fibre-optic connections in a single sub rack. The smaller variants of the MileGate fibre series – the MileGate 2310 and MileGate 2200 – are used in places with limited space on offer, such as street cabinets or plant rooms. These offer the same advantages as the MileGate 2510 but with more compact dimensions.


Implementation at the customer

If the fibre-optic connection has been laid up to the house, then the question is: how will the high-speed internet reach the telephone sockets in the apartments? In new buildings, the laying of fibre-optic cables right up to the apartment or even to an end device can be incorporated in the planning phase – and many existing buildings can easily be retrofitted with fibre-optic cabling for FTTH.

However, for some older buildings, upgrading to a fibre-optic connection may be associated with high costs. (Distribution Point Units) from DZS are used to solve this problem. The MileGate 2012 and 2042 are designed for installation on a cellar wall and can be installed without an additional housing. These devices convert the optical signal from the fibre-optic cable into an electrical signal, enabling fibre-optic speeds via copper cables for the last few meters to the apartment.

Milegate 2042


The rollout of the fibre-optic network in Ingolstadt is proceeding rapidly. The entire city should be connected over the next three years. To achieve this, a strong partner is needed for the technical implementation – which COM-IN has found in DZS. DZS products offer the reliability and flexibility demanded by this kind of project.

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Just ask!

I am Alexander Zagler from the HCD sales team. I will be happy to advise you or assist you with any questions. You can phone me on +49 89 215 36 92-0 or reach me using our contact form.

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