Mellanox Ethernet

The smart Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) from Mellanox are world leaders in data centre applications and high-performance computing. Conserve your servers’ valuable CPU computing power by outsourcing network, storage and security tasks to Mellanox ConnectX processors. The NICs offer high data rates of up to 200 Gbit/s, low latency and are designed for multiple architectures, such as x86, Arm and GPU-based servers.


RoCE implementation

Use the advantages of RDMA in conjunction with your existing Ethernet infrastructure with RoCE implementation from Mellanox. For future-proof connection of your storage and cloud networks to your HPC server.

Improved virtualisation

Mellanox ASAP² (Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing) enables implementation of virtual switches and routers to be outsourced, in that the Mellanox NICs take over the data level without changing the control level.

Advantages in machine learning

The NICs from Mellanox offer a real advantage for machine learning applications. PeerDirect technology with Nvidia GPUDirect RDMA enables direct communication between the GPU Memory and the GPU without involving the CPU.

Benefit from the advantages offered by Mellanox Ethernet products.

ConnectX Ethernet adapter

Mellanox ConnectX NICs are characterised by their offload capacities and network acceleration, which fulfil the most stringent requirements in data centre applications for hyperscale computing, cloud, storage, machine learning, big data and telco platforms.

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BlueField smartNIC

Programmable SmartNICs

SmartNICs based on Mellanox BlueField IPUs combine the advantages of the ConnectX NICs with wide-ranging options for software and FPGA programming.

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Ethernet Switch Systems

Ethernet switch systems

The top-of-rack and aggregation switches are optimised for cloud data centre networks, Ethernet storage fabrics and deep learning interconnects. They support between 1GbE and 400GbE throughput and are available in different form factors.

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Ethernet Switch ICs

Ethernet Switch ICs equipped with Spectrum-2 ASICs are optimised for the cloud, storage and machine learning, providing speeds of up to 6.4 Tb/s.

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Ethernet Kabel & Transceivers

Ethernet cables & transceivers

The broad Mellanox portfolio offers Direct Attach Copper Cables (DACs), Copper Splitter Cables, Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and transceivers. All products have been tested in end-to-end environments and guarantee a bit error rate of less than 1E-15.

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Mellanox offers software solutions and toolkits to get the best out of hardware and to simplify network administration.

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What makes us special

Hardware and Service for your infrastructure

As a business partner of industry leading companies like Juniper, Cisco, IBM and Lenovo, we advise you on the right server, storage and network solutions for your requirements, your IT environment and your budget. Our engineers find out the required processor performance, provide you with the appropriate hardware including licenses and prepare the hardware for the migration. For the implementation and software we put our reliable partners at your side.

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