Mellanox InfiniBand

As a global leader in the manufacture of InfiniBand products, Mellanox offers the best performance for your machine learning, high-performance computing and database platforms. InfiniBand networks are of particular benefit to latency-critical systems. By focusing on interconnectivity, multi-host environments and the support of different form factors, Mellanox is able to offer the perfect solution for every data centre.



Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) technology from Mellanox enables the multitude of communication protocols and network fabrics to be united. Implementation is further simplified by automatic recognition of the fabric (InfiniBand, Ethernet or data centre Ethernet). IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) are also supported.

Multi-host support

Multi-host technology combines multiple computing and storage hosts in a single adapter. To prevent a negative impact on performance, the PCIe interfaces are implemented independently of each other. The technology enables operation of heterogeneous computing and storage racks with direct interconnectivity between computing, storage and network components.

Low latency for time-critical tasks

InfiniBand offers incomparably low latency for demanding and time-critical tasks, and is therefore the first choice for cluster databases and parallelised applications. The processing of network protocols and RDMA frees the CPU from administrative tasks, for improved utilisation of computing capability.

Use the advantages of InfiniBand for your data centre with the market leader Mellanox.

InfiniBand (VPI) Adapters

The Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) adapter with ConnectX ICs offers high data rates of up to 200 Gb/s, ultralow latency and offload capacities. The ideal solution for high-performance data centres.

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Mellnox ConnectX-6Dx
Mellanox BlueField Controller

Smart Adapters / SmartNIC

Smart adapters and SmartNICs with BlueField IPUs unite the capabilities of the ConnectX ICs with extended software and FPGA programming options.

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InfiniBand (VPI) Switch Systems

Mellanox switches provide top performance and port density with fabric management solutions designed to meet the needs of computing clusters and convergent data centres.

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Mellanox Switch SX6506
Mellanox MCP7F00-GXXXR

InfiniBand Cables & Transceivers

Mellanox LinkX series InfiniBand cables and transceivers are optimised for high-performance computing networks with high bandwidths and low latency.

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Gateway Systems

With its InfiniBand to Ethernet Gateways, Mellanox provides optimised infrastructure for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and the cloud, enabling data centres to connect with external Ethernet networks.

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Mellanox Switch SX6710
Mellanox Switch TX6240

Long-Haul Systems

The long-haul systems are designed to make InfiniBand features available to remote data centres at distances of up to 80 km away.

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Mellanox offers software solutions and toolkits to get the best out of hardware and to simplify network administration.

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What makes us special

Hardware and Service for your infrastructure

As a business partner of industry leading companies like Juniper, Cisco, IBM and Lenovo, we advise you on the right server, storage and network solutions for your requirements, your IT environment and your budget. Our engineers find out the required processor performance, provide you with the appropriate hardware including licenses and prepare the hardware for the migration. For the implementation and software we put our reliable partners at your side.

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