Mist Wireless.

Access points from Mist Systems, a subsidiary of Juniper, merge Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and IoT. They provide data capture, analytics and policy enforcement as well as machine learning. There is also an expansion port for IoT devices.


Outstanding performance for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Mist Systems access points feature a dynamic vBLE 16-antenna array for precise and scalable location services as well as a unique Wi-Fi range. The models are available with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless technologies.

Intelligent analytics tools

Access points from Mist Systems can collect metadata for over 150 states. This enables the Marvis Cloud-based AI engine to perform analytics, machine learning, location services and event correlations. The access points feature a third radio for uninterrupted security monitoring and troubleshooting.

Universally deployable thanks to IoT ports and open APIs

Mist Systems access points feature a dedicated interface for the control and integration of IoT devices. In addition, Bluetooth LE provides indoor tracking options. What is more, thanks to the availability of SDKs and open APIs, the Mist platform can be automated and seamlessly integrated into other systems.

Compare Access Points

AP43 AP61 AP41 AP21 BT11
Deployment Indoor Outdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
4×4 : 4
802.11ac Wave 2
4×4 : 4
802.11ac Wave 2
4×4 : 4
802.11ac Wave 2
2×2 : 2
Wi-Fi Tri-Radio
Antenna-Options Intern/Extern Intern/Extern Intern/Extern Intern Intern
Virtual Bluetooth® LE
IoT Interface
IoT Sensors Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
Warranty  Limited Lifetime 1 Year Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime

Indoor Access Point

With the integration of AI for AX for automation and performance improvement, Mist access points offer the high performance with WLAN, Bluetooth LE and IoT.

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Outdoor Access Point

The access point developed by Mist Systems for outdoor use, offers high performance with outstanding WLAN and BLE performance.

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