Almost no network provider has a security product range as wide as that of Juniper Networks. We’ll give you an overview and help you select the best solution for your company.

The cyber attack on the American company Colonial Pipeline put the spotlight on IT security once more. After the hacker group DarkSide infected the oil pipeline operator’s systems with ransomware, the company had to stop supplying almost 12,000 petrol stations on the east coast of the USA for several days.

The effects on the region were considerable. In comparison, German companies are in a relatively good position. Regulations such as the IT security legislation and the general data protection regulation (GDPR) have ensured a high standard of IT security in recent years. All the same, last year three quarters of all companies in Germany fell victim to one or more cyber attacks on their IT systems. Existing vulnerabilities in cyber defence systems can only be dealt with by using appropriate security solutions.

Security solutions from Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is one of the largest network manufacturers in the world. It is particularly well known for its high-performance switches and routers. For almost 20 years now, the company, located in Sunnyvale, California, has also had a wide range of security solutions in its portfolio. Juniper offers numerous products to protect company networks from all kinds of threats. The product range covers hardware firewalls through to purely virtual or container-based solutions. On top of this come several specialised security services. This comprehensive product portfolio means that a security solution can be tailor-made for every customer.

In the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls, published by Gartner, Juniper has become a “contender” thanks to its broad security portfolio. In particular, the market researchers highlighted the introduction of SecIntel, a distributed threat intelligence service which enables threat data to be exchanged between Juniper firewalls and other network products. Gartner also points to new features in IoT (Internet of Things) security, improved support for the public cloud, extended support for 5G and enhancements to network security overall.

SRX series firewalls

At the heart of Juniper Networks’ security portfolio are the modern SRX series NGFW firewalls (Next Generation Firewalls). These don’t only filter based on IP addresses but also according to applications and services. Even the entry-level models have a firewall throughput of between 1 and 5 GBit/s. For example, the SRX300 can be used to secure small branch offices and retail businesses. Depending on the customer’s needs, Juniper also offers more powerful variants, such as the SRX320, the SRX340, the SRX345 and the SRX380.

Models such as the SRX1500, the SRX4100, SRX4200 or the SRX4600 are suitable for medium-sized enterprises with their own data centres. They can detect several thousand applications, can also check SSL-encrypted traffic and achieve firewall throughput rates of between 9 and 40 GBit/s. At the top end of the scale, Juniper also offers solutions such as the SRX5400, the SRX5600 or the SRX5800. These are suitable for applications in high-performance data centres, as their pure firewall throughput is up to 1 TByte/s. The NGFW’s maximum performance is an impressive 400 GBit/s.

All Next Generation firewalls from Juniper are also equipped with extended functions such as IPS, Antivirus, Antispam and URL filterung.

vSRX series virtual firewalls

Many customers no longer want hardware-supported solutions, instead preferring virtual options which can be used much more flexibly and with more easily calculable costs. Juniper Networks has developed the vSRX series for this target group. This offers the same functions as the SRX series, including Core Firewall, reliable networks, complete next-generation functions and automated life-cycle management. The vSRX series’ maximum data transmission rates are around 100 GBit/s. This makes the series particularly suitable for private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud environments.

cSRX series container firewalls

Container technology has taken the corporate IT stage by storm. So it is only fitting that Juniper Networks has also reacted, by offering the cSRX series container version of its firewalls. These solutions protect container-based environments with extended security services, such as Content Security, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), AppSecure and UTM (Unified Threat Management). The particularly efficient cSRX series can be activated or deactivated within seconds, making it especially suitable even for (often short-lived) container environments.

Appliances for advanced threat protection

The JATP Appliances (Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention) integrate up-to-date security data from multiple sources to ensure optimum protection from unknown threats. They can either be implemented as an on-site appliance, for example using the JATP 400 or the JATP 700, or as an additional cloud service, supplementing the SRX series with real-time protection from zero day attacks, for example.

Other security solutions from Juniper Networks

This description of Juniper Networks’ security solutions gives an initial overview of the diverse security-related products offered by the company. But there are other services too, such as the SecIntel Security Intelligence Feed we touched on earlier, which can be used to compile and evaluate threat data from multiple sources. Juniper is also active in the visibility, management and analysis sectors. For example, the Junos Space Security Director enables the security-relevant guidelines of a company to be centrally controlled and automated. What’s more, Juniper Secure Analytics is a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution capable of converting large volumes of event data from the network into security information which can then be evaluated, almost in real-time.

Overall, Juniper Networks is pursuing a comprehensive security approach which can significantly contribute to protecting your business effectively and to the optimisation of your corporate processes. If you have questions about solutions from Juniper Networks, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to offer you advice and support.