As one of the most renowned computer manufacturers in the world, Lenovo not only provides equipment for end users, but a variety of hardware and software solutions for enterprises too.

In corporate environments especially, PCs, laptops and tablets need to be equipped with configurations and software. Corporate specifications for device configurations and programs should work with as little input as possible from staff and the IT department. This is becoming increasingly difficult, due to the growing complexity of company networks and a decreasing number of IT employees.


Productivity and collaboration

Currently, many companies rely on the Microsoft 365 suite for productivity, data processing, collaboration, e-mails and cloud services. For this to run properly, the IT department needs to provide support for the suite of products – in addition to installation, licensing and configuration tasks. Depending on how many devices in the company are running the software, the amount of IT department time this takes up can increase drastically. In many companies, this time is precious and could also be used for value-added activities.

With its CSP Managed Services, Lenovo has come up with a solution to relieve IT employees of this burden. These services use automated software rollouts, making time-consuming manual administration of Microsoft 365 obsolete.


Zero-touch configuration for devices and programs

As a Microsoft cloud service provider, Lenovo is thoroughly familiar with Windows Autopilot. Autopilot is not only able to install and configure programs, but the end devices themselves too. As long as there is an internet connection, the actual location of the device is not important.

This makes rolling out configuration updates quick and easy for all end devices. In this way, the installed Microsoft 365 programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel are kept continuously up-to-date.

Support for the suite is provided in the same way. This saves IT employees valuable time, while the services remedy users’ problems directly. This also helps users to complete their projects on time, and to make working together in the company as efficient as possible.


Automated onboarding

Onboarding new PCs, laptops and tablets is generally very time-consuming. Although modern operating systems, faster SSDs and more powerful processors have accelerated the process, many adjustments to the device configurations still have to be made manually by the IT department. This is where CSP Managed Services come in. They can take on the configuration work for registered devices with minimal input from the user.

This enables computers in the office or at home to be set up automatically in line with company specifications – with just a few clicks by the user. This does not only benefit the IT department. It is also quicker for users to start running the programs they need to do their work on their end devices.


E-mail and cloud: managed

E-mail continues to be an important communication channel, enabling employees in a company to communicate and collaborate with each other. Increasing numbers of companies are combining e-mail use with the cloud – especially for secure collaboration and mobile working.

Microsoft 365 offers solutions for both services: which generally require a company to migrate its existing structures. E-mail inboxes, client configurations or the migration of data and folders often cause problems. Lenovo Service takes on all the e-mail and cloud migration work for Microsoft 365.


The ability to plan ahead and stay flexible at the same time

In the IT sector – which is chronically affected by unforeseeable outages and problems – planning ahead is often impossible. Lenovo CSP Managed Services for device and Microsoft-365 management can at least provide some help for end devices and Microsoft 365.

The service is billed either annually or monthly and offers the opportunity to make changes flexibly, on a monthly basis. This prevents unused licenses, without new employees having to wait for their equipment. Above all, it keeps the workload for IT staff at a constant, predictable, low level.

This does not only free up IT staff time in SMEs. From start-ups to large corporations, the capacity to plan ahead while remaining flexible provided by Lenovo CSP Managed Services offers exactly the freedom other IT projects need too.


What are the service’s limitations?

Even a comprehensive package like CSP Managed Services has its limits. By focusing on the management of Microsoft 365 and their own end devices running on Windows 10, Lenovo is able to cover a broad spectrum of devices for all kinds of applications.

To work properly, a version of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education which is compatible with Windows Autopilot must be installed on the Lenovo end devices. In addition, the DNS name resolution must be ensured in the company network, and access to all hosts provided via ports 80, 443 and 123. This could make extensive changes to the company network necessary.

What’s more, CSP Managed Services cannot be used beyond Lenovo computers and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. If employees are working with devices from other manufacturers, Mac computers or, for example, via virtual machines – or on mobile devices with operating systems such as Linux, Android, iOS or iPad OS – then these cannot be configured and managed automatically using the service. This means an equipment pool which is as uniform as possible is needed to exploit all the advantages of CSP Managed Services – particularly on the software side.


TOur Lenovo specialists are happy to answer your questions in greater depth, as well as providing advice as to whether CSP Managed Services is right for your individual application.

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Just ask!

I am Michelangelo Buro from the HCD sales team. I will be happy to advise you or assist you with any questions. You can phone me on +49 89 215 36 92-0 or reach me using our contact form.

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