You can flexibly adapt the design and architecture of your network infrastructure to changing demands with technologies such as Virtual Chassis, Junos Fusion and IP Fabric.


With Junos OS, the uniform operating system, Juniper Networks offers a cross-platform foundation for building homogeneous networks with uniform operation. It’s simple and saves valuable time.


Junos OS supports a wide range of automation technologies such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Salt. Thanks to seamless integration into existing automation systems, you can reduce complexity in your data centre – and with it the operative costs.


By switching to Juniper Networks, you will be putting your trust in a reliable partner: a partner who advances its technology with a long-term perspective, and who will support you with all your problems and challenges.


Exploit the potential of the cloud for creating new services, increase commercial flexibility and improve turnover using network automation and orchestration – with the Juniper SDN platform.


Interface integrated in the device (NETCONF or REST), which supports external scripts:

  • To read out and change the device configuration
  • To read out the operating data of the device

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Transfer of configuration changes in atomic form to exclude the import of incomplete and incorrect configuration changes.

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Representation of configuration changes (“diff”) to simplify manual review and validation of changes by a network technician.

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Ability to completely replace the current device configuration without restarting the device to use configuration templates.

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Output of the operating data of the device in structured form such as JSON or XML.

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Output of the device configuration in a well-structured form in JSON or XML format.

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Support of data models according to industry standards such as IETF and/or OpenConfig.

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Configuration rollback to minimize the risk of incorrect configurations.

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